Bliss and Wisdom Youth club, College of Medicine

Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club was founded on December 12th, 2001. Aiming for the betterment of world, the club promotes environmental protection such as organic farming, a healthy life, and learning about the truth. Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club encourages students to embrace a broad view of living environment, and high goals in life through learning. The club also motivates students to care for the earth. Students host a variety of activities including visits of organic farms every semester to learn about organic farming and protection of the land. In addition, the club holds numerous speeches and exhibitions on campus to promote the importance of protecting the earth. For example, students organize cinema events. With films of “An Inconvenient Truth” and “New American Diet”, they draw public attention to health issues. In terms of the efforts of securing eco-system, students realize that we share an invaluable relationship with Nature and people around us. Therefore, Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club organize a series of courses to explore the truth of life. The speeches and discussions include life sharing in relation to family, school and work. These activities prepare members with a great vision and compassion towards life. In celebration of Mother’s Day, the club hosts a thanksgiving event at the auditorium and sets thank you card booths on campus every year. Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club hopes to bring warmth to people at the premier university in Taiwan. In summer and winter vacations, Bliss and Wisdom Youth members deliver services as volunteers at National Youth Camp and National Teacher Camp hosted by Ministry of Education and Foundation of Bliss and Wisdom in order to apply what they learn in the club. Not only outstanding academic performance but virtue, concern for others and the earth are vital. As future leaders, we should have a great vision with devotion to the world. In order to accomplish this mission, Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club aims to provide opportunities to members for a better world. Since 2015, several students from College of Medicine in Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club initiated programs at Medical Campus, such as Thank You Card on Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day. In order to convey essential but easily forgotten concepts to the students of College of Medicine, Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club at Medical Campus was founded in 2018.